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Artificial polyamide casings

The polyamide casings offered by our company are a result of our philosophy of creating products synonyms with quality, trust and strength.
Our purpose is to offer the greatest satisfaction to the most important person in our company: The Client.
What makes us different from the others is the flexibility regarding the cooperation with our clients and suppliers.

The group made of polyamide casings multi-layer, thermo-contractible with barrier.

Polyamide casing in 5 layers, thermo-contractible. High quality product with protection barrier, offered in calibers: 30-127 mm.

POLYBAR 5 curved. It's available in shirred sticks with the guarantee of the integrity of the shape after filling. Easily obtainable shapes are: circle, semi-circle and banana.


Standard and non-standard colors from the color pallet and also other colors made on special order are available.

Other processings
  • shirring
  • curving
  • print
  • pieces
  • 1 layer

POLYMINI SM - polyamide, thermo-contractible, for sausages, offered calibers: 19-32. The advanced technology over-classes cellulose casings. Why?

  • It shortens the smoking time.
  • No loss during storage.
  • The possibility of printing any design, easy peel! great applicability for products like 'hot dogs', pickled or conserved sausages.
  • Competitive prices!

POLYMINI - polyamide, thermo-contractible. Impermeable to steam and air, mechanical force, and a pleasant aspect. It is used for non-smokable products - different types of small sausages.

Offered calibers 19-32, within a variety of colors (standard color smoke 8.1)

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