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Natural salted hog casings

The natural hog casings are selected in different diameters, starting with 26/28 and up to 40/42. Their transparent white colors allow the consumers to see the ingredients of the sausages and are giving the image of high quality meat products. The natural casings are tender when the sausages are eaten, but also very resistant during the filling process.

The natural casings are protecting the fine flavor of sausages, preserving the tenderness and succulence of the sausages, giving them a pleasant commercial image.
The natural hog casings are used for different types of boiled sausages, fresh sausages, liver sausage, etc.

Also, we may provide hog middles, chitterlings, hog bungs, dried bladders and dried hog casings of various calibers and sizes.

Natural hog casings - bundles of 91.5 linear meters

Calibers Capacity Products examples
28 - 30 mm 40-41kg Hog sausages
30 - 32 mm 41-45kg Frankfurters, Italian Sausages
32 - 34 mm 48-52kg Liver Sausage, Fresh sausages
34 - 36 mm 52-57kg Smoked sausages
36 - 38 mm 57-61kg Smoked sausages, Liver Sausage
38 - 40 mm 59-64kg Polish sausages
40 - 42 mm 61-68kg Specialty Items

salted | in brine | in net | in vacuum bags } shirred on tube

Hog dried bladders:
Cal. 15 - 20 cm | Cal. 20 - 25 cm | Cal. 25 - 30 cm

Dried and tubed hog bladders:
Cal. 100, lungime 60 cm
Cal. 130, lungime 80 cm
Cal. 150, lungime 100 cm
Other calibers and dimensions upon request

Diameter Product examples
Mare Cooked Braunschweiger
Mediu Liver Sausage, Dry salami
Subtire Italian Salami (Frisses)

Hog bladder
Hog bladder Description: natural product issued by healthy animals, with veterinary-medical examination and accepted for human consumption after sacrifice
Color: yellow
Appearance: shiny
Types: caliber 15/20 | caliber 20/25 | caliber 25/30 | caliber 30/35
Technical quality
- to be gathered in normal bundles, skimmed and pressed;
- to have the side walls resistant to air pressure necessary to establish the characteristic caliber;
Packing: bundles of 10 pieces/ raffia bags of 5000 pieces
Storage: in dry, cold, dark and well ventilated spaces

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