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Potato Starch


The starch is a very often used ingredient in the meat products due to its high ability to retain water. This makes possible the creation of a non-treated product with a high level of physical, chemical and micro-biological purity. Besides the property of water binding there is also the sensorial property related to the texture, appearance and flavor, which has made the potato starch to have success in many application of the meat industry.

Products of pasteurized emulsion:

During the making of the emulsion, the meat protein will denature with a water loss of approximate 20-30%. The potato starch is added in the emulsion products to retain this water and by doing so, the texture and the succulence of the products is controlled. The potato starch has as an advantage the fact that it's starting to jellify exactly when the meat protein is starting to loose water. The potato starch has a jellying temperature which is smaller than of other types of starch. The pasteurized emulsion products are prepared normally at a temperature of 72-73 Celsius degree. At this temperature the potato starch is completely jellied and has a greater capacity of water retention compared to other types of starch.

Meat mince:

These can be divided in raw materials for other products and finals products. For the first category it will be used a pre-jellying starch. For final products (ex: hamburgers, meat balls) the starch will retain water from the meat protein. The starch must stable at boiling and freezing.

Fermented products:

Fermented products have a low content of water, a low PH and normally these are not boiled, which makes difficult the hydration of the starch. But the potato starch may be used to increase the content of dry material.

Our products for these applications are:

Native potato starch, which has a high water retention capacity, gives a well defined texture to the product.

Appearance White powder
Smell and taste neutral
Humidity 4-20%
pH 6.5-8.5

Packing:Bulk multi-layer bags of 25 kg, on in-folio pallet

Storage: Dry and dark place. Separated from products with strong smell

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