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Textured soy protein

General characteristics:

Textured soy protein is obtained trough the process of extrusion of white flour from the soy bean.
The good hydration quality and water retention allows it to reduce the cost, to improve the texture or to increase the protein level and the nutrition value in the production of sausages and raw salami.

Each sausage or salami, having different production methods, requires different levels of textured soy protein usage, and for this we are offering different types of granulation, structure and color: natural, caramel, light caramel, pink, light pink and red.

Natural, caramel, light caramel, pink, light pink and red.

Produs Structure Colors Packing
Textured soy protein - powder Powder Natural, pink, caramel 30 kg
Textured soy protein - ref. 35 Granule Natural, pink, Caramel 20 kg

Sensorial characteristics
Appearance Variable
Smell Characteristic
Impurities/Foreign objects Missing
Colors Variable
Physical-Chemical characteristics
Raw protein (N x 6,25) Min. 50,00%
Lipides Max. 2,00%
Ash Max. 7,00%
Volatile substances at 105°C Max. 8,00%
Raw fiber Max. 4,00%
Carbohydrates (Calculated by difference) Min. 29,00%
pH Solution at 1% 6,00 a 8,00
Micro-biological characteristics
Salmonella in 25g Missing
Micro-organisms - UFC/g <20000
Mold & Impurities - UFC/g <500
Coliform at 45°C/g <100

Packing: White or brown paper bags, internal with polyethylene.

Net weight: it varies depending on the product's granulation.

Storage: to be stored in a dry and airy place, at room temperature.

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