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Natural salted sheep casings

Our sheep casings are of the highest quality and are most suitable for your products. These casings are combining the smoothness of the casing with its strength during the filling process. The color of the casings depends on their origins and varies from white to gray, but the color doesn't affect the quality, the strength, the fumigate capacity, etc. According to your purpose we may offer you the best sheep casings from China, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, New Zealand, etc.

Sheep casings

Caliber Capacity before boiling(per bundle) Products examples
16 - 18 mm 15-16kg Bockwurst, Beer sausages
18 - 20 mm 17-18kg Oltenia sausages, Bockwurst
20 - 22 mm 21-23kg Bockwurst, Cabanos
22 - 24 mm 25-27kg Cabanos
24 - 26 mm 27-29kg Bockwurst, Cabanos
26 - 28 mm 29-31kg Frankfurters, Cabanos
28 mm / up 31-34kg Frankfurters


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