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Artificial collagen casings

The collagen casings are found in over 40 products and are made of the collagen from the strengthen beef hide, by controlled hygienically processes. They are made in two calibers: S.1 and N.F.

S.1 casing:

  • It's the most important specialty of these casings and it's used for different types of sausages and uncooked-dried salami;
  • It's resistant and elastic (15-20% elasticity), it has a good permeability which allows the meat reduction, during the conservation process;
  • It's presented as straight or curve casing;

  • Ø 20-120 mm for straight casing;
  • Ø 22-60 mm for curved casing;
CURVE Casing S.1

  • reels of 150-200m, depending on caliber;
  • pleated in “stick“ of 15m;
  • in hank of 20m;
  • in separated pieces;

N.F Casing:

  • It's thicker, stronger and it has a little less elasticity (10-15%) and porosity compared to S.1.

  • Ø 20-140 mm for straight casing
  • Ø 22-60 mm for curved casing

Easy Peel, Especial Dura, Printed in 1 or 2 colors, Perforated casing.

Collagen edible casings are specially created for the production of any type of fresh, prepared or slightly smoked sausages, and also for frying or boiling. These are perfect for products which are requiring excellent qualities of frying, but also for grill.

  • The sausage's taste remains the same;
  • Edible casing with a natural pleasant consistency;
  • It has a good adherence with the meet;
  • It can be used without preceding moistening in any type of sausage making machine;
  • reduced processing costs;

  • K Casing: for Bockwurst
  • membrana comestibila cu o consistenta naturala placuta
  • N Casing : for Wiener sausages or Frankfurter, but not for Bratwurst. It can also be used for fresh sausages when it's wanted a superior filling speed. It's a less elastic casing, so it allows better the smoking processes. It has a good resistance to grilling.
  • NU Casing : It is used for fresh standard sausages because it's more elastic and it endures better the casing relaxation after the filling process.
  • S Casing : colored casing/li>

Colors: natural and caramel.

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