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Spices - Mixtures

The spices mixtures commercialized by Inorogul Impex SRL is an advantageous solution for the companies from the meat industry. Together with the technological support offered by our company, these products are increasing the productivity by facilitating the technological flow. These products are meeting the needs of meat factories and of small producers by supplying the necessary additives and by doing so, preventing the production problems, increasing quality and assuring a financial improvement by rationalizing the work process and obtaining better results.

The products range is varied and includes: standard products, special products for different countries and geographical regions and as-well products conceived specially for particular clients.

  • Mixes for raw products
  • Mixes for boiled products
  • Spice supplement for brine
  • Products for raw salami
  • Tighten and stabilization agents
  • Preservation agents
  • Color adjuvants
  • Emulsion agents;
  • Color agents;
  • Special prepared products;
  • Taste strengthen agent;
  • Spices mixes;
  • Spices mixes for fresh sausages;
  • Spices mixes for boiled sausages;
  • Spices for grill;
  • Spices for flavor;
  • Marinade;
  • Special agents for seasoning;
  • Dried vegetables.

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