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The Unicorn's legend

Mythical animal, whose divine horn can neutralize malefic actions and poisons, separates the polluted waters and has the mystique power to detect what is impure, and even the smallest alteration of the diamond's brilliance.

A popular saying underscores its value as a charm: when the Unicorn (in Romanian: Inorog) shows himself, all evil is banished. The “Inorog“ - Unicorn name has been imposed in our literature by Dimitrie Cantemir through his work “History Ieroglifica.“ The Inorog word has Slav origins. Other known synonyms are: unicorn, licorn (Latin unicornis). The French language has imposed in our vocabulary also a female version: licorna.

The European myth of the Unicorn was supported mostly by the popular faith from the middle Ages. This myth has reached its peak in the chivalry novels of the middle Ages. In mythology the “Inorogul“ looks like a horse as white as snow wearing in the middle of the forehead a winding, thin and long horn, black and white mixed. The forest in which he lives has all the time summer. Only a virgin maiden can catch and tame him. The allegory shows a ceremonial that takes place in the forest, no doubt around megaliths monuments: the capture of a cosmic force located under the Sagittarius sign which takes form in the body of a virgin maiden medium. It became the soul of a chivalry order. A tapestry of the XV century called “The unicorn lady“ relates, in pictures, the reborn as a virgin maiden of this invincible force which is the Unicorn.

The celestial horse symbol is associated with the one of the lion “heart of heaven“. The female Unicorn has to be understood as a force issued by the Lion's constellation and reflected by the Sagittarius constellation. Jeanne D'Arc is considered to be one of the avatars of this force. The unicorn is a medieval symbol of power but also of blessed events and of purity. In ancient China is the emperor's sign and it symbolizes the emperor's virtues. Well-doer and justice supporter, the unicorn punishes those guilty hitting them with the horn. Trough the horn of his front, the unicorn symbolizes also the spiritual arrow, the solar ray, God's sword, divine revelation, the enlightenment of the beings by the divine light.

In Christian iconography, the unicorn represents the virgin on which the Holy Spirit descends. In the middle Ages it becomes even the divine symbol of the embodiment verb in Virgin Mary's bosom. The alchemists are seeing in the Unicorn an image of the hermaphrodite, which instead of having both genders, it transcends sexuality.
These beings are giving up love in devotion for the love they will save from an ineluctable death “, Yves Bergen." Love must die, so that love can live“ - it evokes the idea of the miraculous sublimation of the flesh life and the surreal force which comes from all that is good. The Unicorn myth represents the attraction that purity continues to have even over the most corrupted harts.

It is said that the first one to see a unicorn was Adam himself, in the garden on Eden. Even if nobody has seen unicorns for centuries, still the belief of their existence is wide spread in the world. For some, the fact they haven't been seen just increases the mystery, while others believe that unicorns are still living in far away regions, which can been seen just by people having extraordinary virtues and an incredible clean soul.

In Chinese mythology, the unicorn is a benevolent animal, which was coming among people only with important missions. Its occurrence was seen as a good omen, and the fact it haven't been seen shows the fact we are living in an age of decadence. He will re-appear when the time will come and when goodness will rule again among people. The Chinese name of the unicorn - Ki Lin is similar with Yin Yang.

It is said that one of the first unicorns revealed to emperor Fu His the secrets of writing, more than 5000 years ago. Chinese believed that the unicorns may foresee the birth or death of special man like the sage Confucius. In the year 551 BC, Confucius's mother while being pregnant meet an unicorn in the woods, who gave her a jade piece and put his head on her lap. She knew than that it was a sign from the gods. On the jade piece there was an inscription in which it was talked about the great wisdom that her son will prove. In fact, Confucius becomes the most respected Chinese philosopher. In his elderly years, it is said that he also saw a unicorn, thus understanding that his end was getting near.

In Geneses it's said that God gave Adam the task to name all what was surrounding him. In some translations of the Bible, the unicorn was the first animal, Adam gave a name to, thus placing him above all the animals in the world. When Adam and Eve left paradise, the unicorn came with them, therefore becoming a symbol of chastity and purity.

In the Old Testament there are seven references of unicorns, even if now there is discussion about this. The Talmud also makes references to them. Along history the church has interpreted the unicorn in different ways. In the middle Ages he became even the sign of Christ, his horn symbolizing the unity between Jesus and God - The Father. The fact that he appears in the Bible means that a real Christian can't doubt his existence. The female unicorn appears in some of the sketches of the alchemical treatises. This mythical animal of which the symbolism is related to the third eye and with Nirvana, with the return to unity, it was meant to point to the occidental initiates the path to the philosophical gold, and to be more precise the interior transmutation which takes place in the process of reconstruction of the primordial androgynous.

By his unique horn from the middle of his forehead, the unicorn symbolizes the spiritual arrow, the solar ray, the divine sword of discernment, the revelation of the insertion of spirit in nature, but also a bridge between worlds. He reunites in himself the tow sexual polarities and transcends them, and from here emerged the idea of purity and virginity. The unicorn always evokes the idea of a miraculous sublimation of carnal live and of the surreal force that flows from all pure things. His horn has magical virtues: it decants polluted waters, it cures illnesses, detects and destroys poison and it can be touch only by a virgin. At London's British Museum, there is a horn, said to be a unicorn one, which the scientist didn't get permission to study it (at least not official).

It is said that the Unicorn will come back. This can be just a metaphor of what people are seeking today: truth, purity and love, which were lost in the shadow of technology. To find the Unicorn, as our ancestors found him, we have to go back to what we've learned and to give up our pride to rule nature. Only than, we will find him, as well as other extraordinary creatures from ourselves, that are just waiting to walk again fearless in the world.

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